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2018 Mid-Terms


BCR Positions About This Year's Ballot:

We are fielding a number of calls asking about Republican positions this year, however the BCR Central Committee did not take a straw poll this year regarding ballot measures, but the CC would no doubt encourage all Benton Co. Republicans to vote a straight Republican ticket this election.  Someone at the ORP suggested that below is likely how most republicans are expected to vote on the various measures:

Measure #:
102 - NO
103 - YES
104 - YES
104 - YES
105 - YES
106 - YES

Ballot Resources:

Votes from ballots received after 8pm Tuesday November 6th will not be counted in the 2018 Oregon General election.  Need help getting your vote cast? CLICK HERE

PLACEHOLDER IMAGE It is too late to mail your ballot in, so please check with your local county elections office here a list of ballot drop sites in your area http://sos.oregon.gov/elections/Pages/countyofficials.aspx - or - for a specific drop site, you can also check out the State of Oregon's official drop box locator http://www.sos.state.or.us/dropbox/#

If you are a registered voter AND have not received a ballot, you must go in person to your county elections office to resolve it and obtain a ballot.  An explanation can be found here => http://sos.oregon.gov/voting/Pages/updatevoterregistration.aspx

For this and other questions about your ballot or for a list of county elections offices, please go to http://sos.oregon.gov/elections/Pages/countyofficials.aspx

To check your voter registration status or to see if your vote has been received already by the Elections Office, go to www.OregonVotes.org and click on the link under "My Vote" or click on the link below:


Please note that My Vote on OregonVotes.org usually only shows the status of ballots received at least a day or two after a voter physically turns in their ballot.  For more questions, please contact your county elections office directly.