Serve on a Committee

Republicans, unlike some other parties, don't have staff members paid by large donations from special interest groups (read unions). We are all, for the most part, volunteers. We have families, jobs, and other obligations, just like you. That is why we say politics belongs to those who show up.

If you want to change the direction 30+ years of one-party rule has taken us, consider serving on one or more of these committees.


Audit:  Appointed by Chairman or Executive Team by Aug 1 of every even year. Should be independent of any Executive Team member to prevent perceived bias.


Finance:  Chaired by the Treasurer, to have oversight over the Fund Raising and

Budget Committees.

Precinct Organization:  To have oversight over the GOTV effort, PCP

Recruitment, and Training Committees.


Candidate Assistance:  Candidate recruitment, assistance, and business outreach & Chamber of Commerce representation.


Communications:  Responsible for our overall communications strategy and tools to get our message and promote our brand in the community. Includes brand development and marketing. Includes oversight of both the Technology and Media Committees listed below.


Technology:  Chief responsibilities to procure and maintain tools to be used by all committees and be the point of contact to the state party for access to the ones we don't control. This includes the maintenance of our website (NationBuilder), Office 365, and its components including SharePoint, GOP Data Center, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Vibe, etc.

Media:  To utilize all of our different outlets to promote events, manage content congruent with our message as well as those of the state party, disseminate information, and work with local media outlets like KYKN, Statesman, etc. to get our information into the community.

Outreach:  Comprised of both Community Events where we engage with the community and Educational Events, providing training and education to our community on issues.

Policy / War Room:  To monitor legislative actions and work to develop policy and coordinate efforts promoting it in the War Room and other venues, including our Media Committee.

Bylaws:  Review and recommend proposals for modifications to our bylaws.


Elections Integrity: 

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