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Letter to the Editor: Google the Party Platform to Decide for Self

Over the past couple weeks, we have seen two letters to the editor fallaciously associating the Oregon Republican Party (750,000 members) with the recent, horrible shooting tragedy in Buffalo, in particular, “Buffalo is a result of GOP bigotry” (Michael Coolen, May 29) and “Replacement theory Republican mainstay” (Robert B. Harris, May 25).

On the contrary, the shooter’s manifesto describes himself as “authoritarian left-wing” and rejects conservatives as “corporatism in disguise; I want no part of it.”

Here’s one accusation written in the paper: “The 15-page Oregon Republican platform celebrates late 18th-century political, social, fiscal and religious and patriarchal bigotry and prejudice. … The recent tragedy in Buffalo is the direct result of GOP bigotry. It reminded me of the GOP wackos who … ” (Michael Coolen, May 29).

Here is what’s actually written on immigration in the Oregon Republican platform: “The Oregon Republican Party recognizes and values the many contributions of legal immigrants. We encourage legal immigration and assimilation, including the adoption of English as the official language. We recognize that securing our national borders is essential to ensuring the sovereignty and safety of our state.

“All publicly-funded entities shall comply with federal immigration laws and cooperate with their enforcement. We oppose and abhor current or future policies or practices of any governmental administration that encourages or allows the unfettered flood of unvetted immigrants into our nation.”

Please feel free to Google the party platform and decide for yourself if such accusations are at all relevant.

John Sarna, Benton County Republicans’ delegate to the Oregon Republican Party


This Letter to the Editor appeared in both the Corvallis Gazette Times and the Albany Democrat-Herald on June 10, 2022.

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