Welcome newly elected Precinct Committee Persons (PCP's)!

Congratulations on your May 20, 2014 election to serve as a Benton County Republican Precinct Committee Person! And welcome to our new PCP's who have been appointed to serve since the May Primary. PCP's and officers make up the Benton County Republican Central Committee. Unless otherwise specified, Central Committee meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month. On June 24th (an off schedule event) we held a combined social get-together and brief business meeting with great food and a visit from candidates Sen. Betsy Close for Oregon Senate (Dist. 8) and Jerry Jackson for County Commissioner. Then, on July 15th we held our first regular Central Committee meeting with trainings on giving a coffee and working with voter's lists. We urge you all to attend these meetings so that we all are prepared for success in the November General Election. We highly advise all PCP's to visit the Benton County PCP's website often for PCP announcements and important information provided by Kristie Hernandez, Benton County Republican PCP Organization Chair. We have a permanent link for PCP's on the menu bar above.

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Jackson resigns as Benton County Republican Party Chair to focus on campaign, Hutchinson steps up to serve

Benton County Republican Central Committee Chairman, Jerry J. Jackson, Sr., who is running as the Republican candidate for Benton County Commissioner, Position 1, has resigned his chairmanship to concentrate on his campaign. First Vice Chair, Stan Baker, has resigned due to family health matters so Second Vice Chair, Al Hutchinson has become chairman pro tempore. Also resigning is Jeff Merten, Third Vice Chair, who has moved out of state. The Executive Committee welcomes Al Hutchinson's interim leadership and extends sincere appreciation to Jerry Jackson, Stan Baker and Jeff Merten for their service to the local party. A nominating committee has been selected and will announce recommendations to the Central Committee shortly. Hutchinson plans to run for Chair. An election to fill these vacancies will be held at the (Tuesday, July 15, 2014 / Tuesday, August 18, 2014... ah, with a little help, I think I've got it right...) Tuesday, August 19, 2014 Central Committee Meeting. Nominations will also be taken from the floor. All Benton County Republican Precinct Committee Persons (PCP's) elected in the May 20th Primary and confirmed have a vote. Read More......

Chairmans Club

Dear Fellow Republicans,
I would like to invite you to join my wife Cruz and me as a member of The Chairmans Club of the Benton County Republican Central Committee.  You will receive four formal invitations per year for special events designed around getting Republicans elected.  Benton County Republicans should be proud of their accomplishments in electing Republicans for office like Senator Betsy Close.  This club will be your way of being involved throughout the year.  One event per year will be a formal dinner with a special political guest.

Members would have the opportunity to become further involved within the Republican Party of Benton County by networking with fellow active Republicans, becoming increasingly familiar with the pressing issues that affect politics today, and meeting elected officials and candidates that will carry Republicans to victory in 2014 and beyond.

The political principals of the Chairmans Club would be those of the Republican Party and in direct support of the Republican Party of Benton County.  Members would be assured that by giving directly to the Republican Party of Benton County their dollars would stay in Benton County, working to promote our ideals of limited government and fiscal responsibility.

Membership for a single person per year is $100.00 and a couple is $150.00.  The money raised will be used to put on the four events.  Additional cost for the dinners for each function will be addressed on the invitation.

Mr. Jerry J. Jackson, Sr.
Benton County Republican Chair

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Al Hutchinson named Senior First Citizen for 2013

On Friday, January 17, 2014, Al Hutchinson, long-standing Republican and current Benton County Republican Executive Committee member, was named Senior First Citizen for 2013 at the 66th annual Celebrate Corvallis evening event.  Congratulations to Al!  We're very proud of you!  See Corvallis Gazette-Times for all 2013 Celebrate Corvallis winners.

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